COVID-19 Church Worship Protocols

Updated in Consistory June 8, 2021

(Changes marked by *)


1)  If you are feeling ill or uncomfortable or concerned, please stay home.

2*)  Please be responsible in your spacing.  When you arrive you will be ushered in the center aisle and exit         out the side. 

3*)  Practice social distancing but masks are at a personal discretion. 

4)  No hugging, shaking hands, etc.

5)  Every other pew will be open. Closed pews will be taped off.

6)  Please do not crowd in the pews. 

7)  Plates will be provided for offerings at the exits.

8*)  All doors will be unlocked.

9*)  Sunday School will resume September 12th, Wednesday evening Bible Study on October 6th, and other           group meetings may resume when ready. Children's Church will be addressed in July.

10) The nursery will not be staffed, but a parent may bring a child there and stay with them if needed.

11) Bulletins will be available on the tables in back.

12) Remember, we are here to worship our God together.

13) Any suggestions, please contact a consistory member.

14*) There will be no greeters (will be addressed in fall). 

15) Please take your coats/jackets with you to your seat.










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